Transfer Services

Transfer Services

Bring us your old tapes, film, and slides in any condition. We also repair damaged tapes and cassettes. Ask about our free pick-up and delivery service. 


Tape Transfer

All formats of video tape transfer are available.  To include: VHS, VHS-c, Betamax, Hi-8, Mini-dv, UMatic, reel to reel, and Camcorder tapes.  (International formats conversions available)

Mays Media leads the way with our experience and the latest technology.

Choose your media from our Platinum Archival DVDs, manufactured to last with a 100 year rating or our USB Flash drives.  Cloud services are also available!


35mm Slide Transfer

Simply the best quality conversion available for your slides and negatives. PLUS,  we are local.  And your slides will never leave our studio.

Each slide is viewed.  Individual corrections are made for color and cropping. Also we can mend scratches and damage to old photos!

High resolution capture allows for printing from your digital image. Archival quality CDs and DVDs are standard with all transfers.

Would you like a slideshow of your images on DVD with music? 

This is a free service for all our customers upon request.


Film Transfer

We transfer 8mm, Super-8, or 16mm – with sound or silent.

Our process and equipment:

  • German engineered Sprocketless drives on Flashscan film scanners assure a steady image.
  • Laser alignment and 3 imager cameras guarantee complete frame capture without the need for cropping.
  • Color correction for vivid color.
  • If you have sound on your film it will be captured.
  • Bonus music track free of charge for film without sound
  • View your video on DVD with menus and chapter markers.  Or you may choose an option for video files on a USB drive for easy sharing and internet archiving.

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